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Find more Loki on , , and! She is portrayed by in her first villainous role, as Cailey Fleming played the character young.

  • Stay tuned to for more details and! As many have pointed out, the mere fact that the two are technically the same person isn't the same as them being siblings.

  • In fact, when the ship first started circulating, Twitter users were already actively rebelling against it and the people who shipped them.

One of the biggest changes that Loki brought to the title character was revealing he was bisexual, which meant a lot as it came during Pride month.

  • She also reveals that she has primed all of the reset charges she stole to teleport to various periods in time before they activate.

  • Loki and Sylvie essentially share a soul called a temporal aura , and the soulmate aspect for their relationship is often brought up by fans, and even from official Disney and Marvel social media accounts.

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