Hainan kopitiam - The Hainanese kopitiam in Miri

Kopitiam hainan The Hainanese

Ho Kow Hainan Kopitiam Hainanese Coffee Shop Petaling Street KL

Kopitiam hainan Ho Kow

Kopitiam hainan Ho Kow

Kopitiam hainan Ho Kow

Raub SYC Hainan Kopitiam 金鸿哥【劳勿正宗海南茶室】手调传统海南咖啡

Kopitiam hainan Ho Kow

Kopitiam hainan MY PLACE

Kopitiam hainan Sri Hainan

Kopitiam hainan Ho Kow

Hailam Kopitiam

Kopitiam hainan Hailam Kopitiam

New Malaysian Cafe Ipoh Kopitiam Brings Hainan Chicken and Kaya Toast to Alhambra

Kopitiam hainan Ho Kow

To operate a kopitiam was a tough calling.

  • The menu will also be limited during the first few weeks of opening, with plans to expand eventually.

  • The light gravy for this Hainanese kopitiam staple is very tasty with loads of umami flavour.


  • This led to clandestine meetings and the organization of protests in the 1960s and 1970s.

  • The Negri Sembilan Hainan Association in Seremban, however, has its own kopitiam at its premises.

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