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The amount accounts for slightly less than one per cent of the three million Covid-19 vaccines Malaysia currently has in stock.

  • International Trade and Industry Minister Azmin Ali said companies will not be able to pass on the costs of Covid-19 vaccination to their workers.

  • These sub-sectors are critical during the lockdown as they are part of the supply chain of essential products and services including to support the smooth functioning of infrastructures such as the public health care system.

A total of 4,490,270 doses have so far been administered according to the latest count on June 13, leaving 3,085,339 in stock.

  • These are among some of the conditions imposed on manufacturers who want to vaccinate their workers employed in the critical manufacturing sub-sectors under the programme.

  • Wakil daripada syarikat yang didaftarkan juga akan menerima notifikasi melalui e-mel.

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