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Many of the NWPs, GCs, and RCs require the submittal of a PCN before commencing the work, to ensure that activities authorized by those NWPs have minimal individual and cumulative adverse effects on the aquatic environment.

  • Once the emergency has ended, a maintenance baseline must be established expeditiously, and mitigation, including mitigation for maintenance conducted during the emergency, must be required as appropriate.

  • Following completion of construction, temporary fill must be entirely removed to an area that has no waters of the United States, dredged material must be returned to its original location, and the affected areas must be restored to preconstruction elevations.

Fish and wildlife harvesting devices and activities such as pound nets, crab traps, crab dredging, eel pots, lobster traps, duck blinds, and clam and oyster digging, fish aggregating devices, and small fish attraction devices such as open water fish concentrators sea kites, etc.

  • As computers have become more powerful, the size of the initial data sets has increased and have been developed to take advantage of the added available computing power.

  • Once the onetime mitigation described above has been completed, or a determination made that mitigation is not required, no further mitigation will be required for maintenance activities within the maintenance baseline see Note, below.

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