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Job: Retail Associate (KLCC) at UNIQLO (MALAYSIA) SDN BHD. Malaysia

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Uniqlo KLCC Store, Fashion Store in KLCC

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You can easily spend a few hours walking through this state-of-the-art aquarium and immersing yourself in the array of unique exhibits featuring up to 5,000 land and aquatic creatures.

  • No one will shoo you out if they see you spending all day here.

  • With your tickets already purchased, you can skip the ticket line and save yourself potentially hours of tedious queuing that will just sap the energy of everyone in your group.

Even weekdays still see a surprising amount of crowds with children on school trips.

  • The construction is seamless, and this is the best bra to wear under fitted tops or T-shirts! Overall, I experienced zero problems using Klook and I highly recommend using them.

  • Above: Josiah in Gucci outfit.

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