Florida condo collapse - Florida condo collapse: 90 deaths confirmed with 31 still listed as missing, mayor says

Collapse florida condo Miami condo

Engineers cite possible design flaws as investigation stalls into fatal Florida condo collapse

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Collapse florida condo Champlain South

Collapse florida condo Florida condo

Collapse florida condo Florida condo

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Collapse florida condo Engineers cite

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Collapse florida condo Florida condo

Robert Munchick, a Miami Beach native who works as an insurance broker and serves on his condo board, has for years been in charge of securing insurance policies for his association to cover the aging Mid Beach building on the coast.

  • In a few months, she would have been flying to Japan to start a new chapter of her life, her sister said.

  • Responding to the near tragedy, the city enacted a law that required property owners to file inspection reports with the Department of Buildings every five years for any retaining wall on their holdings that are more than 10 feet high and face a public right of way.

Theresa Velasquez flew into Miami from Los Angeles on a Wednesday night to visit her parents.

  • Hours after his inspection of the roof at Champlain Towers South, at around 1:30 a.

  • The two Elenas: mother and daughter Elena Chavez, left, and Elena Blasser, who died together in the Champlain Towers South collapse.

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