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Chad giga RIP Giga


Chad giga Elden Ring

Chad giga Giga chad

Where is Ernest Khalimov Now?

Chad giga Giga chad

Chad giga Elden Ring

Elden Ring Players Are Making 'GigaChads' With the Character Creator

Chad giga Giga Chad

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Urban Dictionary: Ultra Giga Chad

Chad giga Elden Ring

Chad giga GIGA CHAD

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If the rumors are to be believed, he reportedly passed away in a car accident.

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  • Death Rumors About GigaChad Back in April, rumors were surfing around the internet claiming that Ernest Khalimov the man behind GigaChad had died in a car accident.

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  • About GigaChad is a nickname associated with the art project berlin.

  • Sleek and Tears Model Ernest is a model for a company called Sleek and Tears which is run by a Russian creator and artist Krista Sudmalis.