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Plaza seg Shaking SEG

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Plaza seg SEG Plaza

Plaza seg SEG Plaza

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Plaza seg SEG Plaza

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CROWDS of people were seen fleeing in a panic as a 980ft skyscraper in China swayed back and forth on Tuesday afternoon.

  • Only 'Buildings' are eligible for the CTBUH 'Tallest Buildings' lists.

  • Chinese authorities last year banned the construction of skyscrapers taller than 500 meters 1,640 feet , adding to height restrictions already enforced in some other cities such as Beijing.

The shaky incident occurred around 1 p.

  • A Chinese skyscraper had to be evacuated Tuesday afternoon after it began inexplicably swaying on its foundation, prompting scores of bystanders to flee in terror, as seen in a series of viral videos circulating social media.

  • Maybe that machine failed.