Flux capacitor - The Flux Capacitor

Capacitor flux Physicists invent

O'Reilly Flux Capacitor

Capacitor flux O'Reilly Auto

Capacitor flux Scientists Invented

Capacitor flux Flux capacitor

Capacitor flux April Rinne:

Capacitor flux April Rinne:

Flux Capacitor Mini from Curious Design Labs on Tindie

Capacitor flux Flux Capacitor

Scientists Invented A Real

Capacitor flux Flux Capacitor

O'Reilly Flux Capacitor

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Capacitor flux Delorean 1:8

The magnetic field defines a direction of rotation clockwise or counterclockwise for electrically charged particles and thus for electrical signals.

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  • A flux capacitor is a bit of fun sci-fi technobabble made up of two pieces of genuine scientific terminology.

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