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Sorn leaves CLC and CUBE Entertainment: "We have both mutually agreed"

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Sorn Eks CLC Resmi Bergabung dengan Agensi Baru

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Clc sorn Sorn (singer)

Why did Sorn leave CLC? REAL reason Thai member left amid rumors of disbandment

Clc sorn Sorn (CLC)

Sorn Officially Leaves CLC And Cube Entertainment After Terminating Her Contract

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Her videos are now uploaded exclusively on the Produsorn channel.

  • Sorn then convinced her parents to let her sign an exclusive contract with Cube, at just 15 years old.

  • She decided to get back up after being down about it.

It's still sad though to have another member left.

  • She was a student at the in Bangkok and later graduated from the Korea Kent Foreign School in Seoul.

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