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Cinema kampar Kampar Amenities

Central i-City 9 1,650 Located on Level 4.

  • For Kampar 36 stalls, it is very hard for them to use e-commerce to run their business because all of them are small business owner and they may not have extra money to implement e-commerce in their businesses.

  • Opened in November 2012, it is the second largest cinema in Kedah.

The 11th Infantry Regiment were to land at and attack Telok Anson from the south and a force from the headed overland, following the Perak River to attack Telok Anson from the north.

  • Largest cinema in Puchong with one Play+ Hall, Dolby Atmos Hall and 8 Standard Halls.

  • Heritage Mall 7 1,043 All Standard Halls.

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