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Housing and Local Government Ministry approves RM6.3m fund to Kuala Langat Municipal Council, says minister

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Untuk makluman, terdapat beberapa kekosongan jawatan yang dibuka untuk permohonan oleh pihak majlis perbandaran kuala langat mpkl.

  • The rancid odour emitted by the factory, especially when burning solid waste and spraying paint, is causing much discomfort to the residents in the surroundings.

  • Many residents in Kuala Langat are up in arms over the environmental pollution caused by the mushrooming of factories and industries in the district over the last five years.

Mar 7, 2021 cited 2021 mar 7.

  • In Kampung Jenjarom, the local mosque was turned into a relief centre thanks to some of the folks there.

  • In 2019, investigations by the authorities found the factory responsible for lead pollution.