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In most circumstances, a 'child' is considered to be 17 years of age or younger.

  • Operating hours are subject to change without prior notice.

  • Breakfast 7am to 10:30am Lunch Mon-Fri 11am to 1:30pm Dinner Mon-Thu 2pm to 9pm, Fri 2pm to 10pm, Sat 11am to 10pm, Sun 11am to 9pm Located on the 2nd floor.

Pricing includes crawfish and lobster when available depending on season.

  • We apologize for the inconvenience.

  • His training at internationally acclaimed hotel kitchens such as the Splendido Hotel in Portofino and La Coquille in Bermuda has allowed him to harvest techniques to create elegantly simple and flavorful dishes using the finest locally-sourced ingredients.