Anes ayuni osman - Selepas mengidam Lamborghini, bakal ibu mahu mewahkan anak dalam kandungan pula... beli beg baby RM50,000!

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Pregnant woman, 19, surprises her husband with Lamborghini

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Who Is Anes Ayuni Osman? Gifted RM2 Million Lamborghini To Husband, Bio, Wiki, Income, Salary

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Osman anes ayuni Who Is

Osman anes ayuni Anes Ayuni

Osman anes ayuni Who Is

Osman anes ayuni Pregnant woman

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She is due at the end of March and plans to have a C-section birth after which she expects to be confined for over three months.

  • The bulk of the time, the husband expresses gratitude to his spouse for giving him the youngster and for giving her such a worthwhile present.

  • Some web customers, although, are nonetheless curious about the trigger of the development.

Dalam keterujaan mengira detik hari istimewa untuk bergelar ibu, Ayuni bagaimanapun merahsiakan jantina anak yang bakal dilahirkan.

  • He again goes invigorated and anxious to take a child in his grasp.

  • Currently, the entrepreneur has decided to stay at home with her family throughout her postpartum recuperation.