Trauma bond - Trauma Bonding: What It Is and How to Cope

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Bond trauma Trauma Bonding

Bond trauma Traumatic Bonding

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Trauma Bonds: Breaking the addiction to toxic relationships

Bond trauma Trauma Bonding

What is Trauma Bonding?

Bond trauma Trauma Bonding:

Bond trauma Traumatic bonding

Traumatic Bonding

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Like, I really really know what I am in, and all the pain and depression I feel, and the terrible behaviour I am accepting, over and over again.

  • It will happen for you.

  • Again, your body is trying its best to protect you.

However, you do NOT have to experience trauma in childhood to experience a trauma bond later in life.

  • However, it is vital to recognize that your parent did not treat you well.

  • The narcissistic behavior is now seen as normal, rather than a red flag.