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Pro xiaomi 10t Xiaomi Mi

Pro xiaomi 10t Xiaomi Mi

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Pro xiaomi 10t Xiaomi Mi

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Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro 5G Camera review: Competent mid

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Xiaomi releases new Mi 10T MIUI 13 Update along with Pro: new features, stability improvements

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  • Lo que ha cambiado y que ya vimos en la toma de contacto es que las notificaciones y la cortinilla de toggles se separan y cada uno aparece según de qué lado tiremos hacia abajo derecho toggles, izquierdo notificaciones , aunque podemos desactivarlo.

  • Nighttime samples from the ultrawide Things do improve if you use Night Mode, but even that can't fully rescue all of the shots.

On an approximately 12-kilometer bike tour, the Mi 10T Pro delivers position data that is almost as accurate as with the Garmin Edge 500 professional navigation device.

  • The dynamic range seems to be narrower, losing quite a bit of detail in the shadows.

  • Various shooting modes encourage you to experiment, including a long-exposure and a clone function; the latter allows you to take several pictures of people and then place them in one same photo.

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