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Blackboard Awards 2020: INTI the Most Awarded Institution in Asia

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Learn inti blackboard Blackboard Awards

Learn inti blackboard

For more information about the merger between Anthology and Blackboard, please view our.

  • Students can offer and gain feedback from their peers on coursework and perform self-assessments while learning in a safe, nurturing and holistic environment that encourages creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration.

  • They have always been our lighthouse client in the Asian region, due to their strong adoption of Blackboard solutions.

These projects allow students to experience first-hand challenges faced by businesses while learning to apply industry best practices in actual conditions faced in the real world.

  • This along with our collective experiences across six campuses were lifesavers during the movement control order, when we had just a day to move all our lessons online.

  • Despite the sudden shift to fully online learning, the limitations of connectivity and technology, and the personal challenges many were facing at home during this stressful period, our teams continued to deliver exceptional student outcomes and truly pushed the boundaries of innovative teaching and learning.