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Automakers Volkswagen and Toyota, iPhone assembler Foxconn and smaller companies have announced they are suspending production at some factories.

  • The stock market surged due to expectations of stimulus policies and limited choices of investment.

  • On January 11, the city of has upgraded measures and closed down non-essential services during a citywide mass testing campaign while has been placed under lockdown.

Meanwhile, Beijing officials have launched mass testing exercises, shut schools and imposed targeted lockdowns on some residential buildings in a bid to rein in infections.

  • Fujian has seen at least 152 new cases in recent days, prompting stay-at-home orders and the closure of entertainment, dining and fitness venues, along with the cancellation of group activities including those for the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival holiday.

  • Para detener las infecciones, las autoridades respondieron desde hace semanas con un confinamiento en toda la ciudad, aislando en sus casas o vecindarios a casi todos los 25 millones de residentes.