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Khurshid reunited with her husband Utarid, from a Tuti

Utarid Steam Community

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Utarid Steam Community

Utarid Utarid

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The band may sound bitter, but brings with their music also a message of hope.

  • Two members of Lukestar used to play in the punk-band The Spectacle and one member currently play in Snöras and Kaospilot.

  • The songs lend themselves to minimal vocal accompaniment, but almost all of them still feature French lyrics.

The apartment is just behind an open space filled with trees.

  • Reverse to name a few.

  • Utarid is survived by wife, Meena Utarid, daughter, Anjana Utarid, son, Mark Utarid, daughter-in-law, Gabby Utarid, son-in-law Darren Magot, grandchildren, Madeline Utarid, Nathan Magot, Zach Magot, Claire Utarid, Simone Utarid and five of his siblings, Gladys, Gloria, Goodwill, Grace and Gabriel.

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