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Zoom Vision+ Magnifying Glasses With Built In LED Lights

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How to reduce or eliminate reflection from glasses on zoom? : Zoom

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How to reduce eyeglass glare on Zoom.

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At one point, someone pulled a 3D model of a new Home Depot store layout into the room, and we got to look at it from all angles, as if we were Home Depot executives deciding how best to display the power tools in a store.

  • You can talk to them and see versions of their real faces, as well as move around the room, watch videos together, and give high-fives.

  • These lenses are practical because they remain clear and still offer blue-light protection while reducing glare.

Lower your chin slightly but still make eye-level contact with the camera.

  • And if you want to confirm the results for yourself, you can ask them for a spectral report, which details how much light and at which wavelengths their lenses actually block.

  • Ideal for people who uses prescription lenses for nearsightedness and farsightedness.