Paracetamol是panadol吗 - 【没事千万别吃Panadol!】你以为panadol能让你解疼吗?原来吃一个会残留在身体五年

Paracetamol是panadol吗 Paracetamol=Panadol?

Paracetamol是panadol吗 Panamax Tablets

Paracetamol是panadol吗 对乙酰氨基酚和布洛芬,退热有何不同?


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Paracetamol是panadol吗 市面上至少有6款Panadol,如何选择适合自己的Panadol?

Paracetamol是panadol吗 Panadol吃一颗残留五年?

Paracetamol是panadol吗 Panamax Tablets

Paracetamol是panadol吗 普拿疼(Panadol) :用途功效、潛在的副作用與注意事項

Paracetamol是panadol吗 Paracetamol=Panadol?

Paracetamol is particularly dangerous to the liver in overdose, but even without overdose those who take this drug may develop requiring more frequently than the users of.

  • They differ in how 4-aminophenol is prepared.

  • Some people may get other side effects while taking Panamax.

Overdosage can also lead to pancreatitis, acute renal failure and pancytopenia.

  • Keep Panamax where young children cannot reach it.

  • The most recent review on paracetamol and management of fever in the general practice 2008 argued that its benefits are unclear.