Mb selangor 2021 - MB: Selangor urges Wisma Putra to speed up identifying remains of foreign nationals who died from Covid

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Selangor 2021 mb MB Selangor

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Selangor 2021 mb Menteri Besar

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NGOs And Good Samaritans Hindered From Sending Aid, Said Selangor MB's Aide

Selangor Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Amirudin Shari said the Selangor Department of Irrigation and Drainage informed him that rainfall had exceeded 380mm.

  • There was a lack of food for two days at the township, leading to looting at several inundated convenience stores and supermarkets during the afternoon of 20 December.

  • Dapatkan maklumat terkini dan perincian berkenaan penularan Covid-19 di Malaysia di ini.

This alert was later raised to a red alert the maximum level , and was expanded to neighbouring states, including Pahang.

  • The resulting floods affected eight across the peninsula, and left at least 54 dead and 2 missing.

  • A weather station at recorded a peak daily rainfall of 363 millimetres 14.

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