Gabriel - Unmasking the passengers, and unleashing the Karens


Gabriel Unmasking the

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Gabriel Unmasking the

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Gabriel Unmasking the

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They fall to the ground and reach for the nearest defibrillator.

  • As this energy center is opening or as you are receiving guidance from the Archangels, you may feel movement, light, frequency, tingling, or color happening above your head.

  • It is nice that we can celebrate a Catholic feast day twice — once on the feast of the Archangels and once on the Annunciation.

My Catholic and Orthodox friends can cite Raphael as another biblical angel from the book of Tobit.

  • Gabriel still lives in the imagination of the Jewish, the Christian, and the Mohammedan people.

  • The name Gabriel came to me in a dream in the first month of pregnancy! What Can We Learn from Gabriel? Through the late mid-1960s, the name hovered in the range of 300th to 400th most popular.