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Prince Carl of Solms-Braunfels established New Braunfels in 1845.

  • The original woods had for ages disappeared, though the slopes were dotted, as now, with figs, olives, and other fruit-trees where there was any soil.

  • The four other bodies were later found in a farm pond nearby.

Layan is a name that symbolizes being humble, gentle, and meek.

  • Anyone here remember when we were to pronounce Septuagint the right way? Yalon's opinion is that the development of the distinction between qameṣ and pathaḥ, as well as between ṣere and segol — that is, of the main features in the vowel system in which the Ashkenazi pronunciation differs from the Sephardi — is due to the influence of the vowel system of Yiddish of that period the Judeo-German dialects of the 13 th century on the pronunciation of Hebrew current in the Ashkenazi communities.

  • Sept u gent, not Sep tu a gent.