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X lcd iphone Iphone X

Difference among iPhone X OEM, Copy OLED and LCD Screen

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iPhone X Genuine Original Apple LCD with lines on screen, LCD SCREENONLY

X lcd iphone iPhone X

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X lcd iphone iPhone X

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iPhone X Repair Kit with Replacement LCD Screen + Tools + Video Guide

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iPhone X LCD Screen Repair

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iPhone x Hard OLED VS LCD: The guide for Screen replacement

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When the iPhone X screen is broken, people usually choose to replace the mobile phone screen.

  • Disclaimer: Connect the top cable first and then the bottom cable.

  • Just rub the invisible Nano-liquid onto your phone, dry and cure it.

A cracked screen, bad pixels, and no touch inputs are all a simple fix with our easy follow repair video instructions and specialized repair kit.

  • Should I take it to another retailer for a second opinion? Apakah Anda distributor yang sedang mencari LCD iPhone X Original? Because the 2 middle contacts are connected to the charging port signal retaining bracket.

  • I just want to get the word across I guess, hopefully no one shills out this much money only to be disappointed with the extremely high maintenance costs.