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So we might ask, even without considering the lack of empirical evidence regarding whether either chemical castration or the are effective general deterrents, why chemical castration is necessary for general deterrence, when a more severe punishment is already a possibility.

  • It has been suggested that cross-border trafficking of women is increasing in China.

  • Nevertheless, congregations that need to disclose the presence of a sex offender in the congregation can find gentle ways of doing so that are not about shaming, he said.

Students do not have a voice in raising concerns about how they are employed and have no protection against any abusive work practice or dangerous conditions of being on the job.

  • Traditionally, Chinese culture dictates that organs should be buried and cremated in order for the individual to be reincarnated as a whole which has led to a dearth of bodies being donated.

  • Locations of sex trafficking of Chinese women and girls abroad vary widely, and sometimes are collocated with concentrations of Chinese migrant workers in factories, and mining and logging camps.