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Klima Dao (KLIMA) price prediction is 0 USD. The price forecast is 0 USD for 2023 May 01, Monday.

Dao klima Klima

What is Klima DAO and the KLIMA Token?

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Dao klima What is

KlimaDAO price today, KLIMA to USD live, marketcap and chart

Dao klima Klima DAO

Dao klima What is

The protocol launches soon, and I have come to greatly appreciate the leadership and relative warmth of the pseudonymous team behind it.

  • It is extremely volatile this earnings seasons, with interest rates and inflation climbing! I'd guess over the next year it may average to about 5000%.

  • With lower interest rates, many holders of Klima tokens may have preferred to sell their tokens and monetize the gains made over the previous weeks.

Plus, and entrepreneurs have an incentive to make a profit via carbon emission initiatives that have real-world impact.

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