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The fun fact is their look gives us a feel and the vibe of the character to watch more anime and follow more story.

  • Kirito From Sword Art Online His charming personality makes my heart flutter and what else can we accept from the main character of the series.

  • Sometimes he wears different clothes and sometimes with fewer clothes we got to see his member stamp on his right side down his collarbone.

Awalnya Kazuya sempat ragu dengan menyewa pacar rental, namun karena hatinya sangat sedih dan membutuhkan ketenangan, akhirnya dia memilih gadis yang bernama Mizuhara Chizuru, gadis sempurna yang memiliki banyak kelebihan.

  • Hak From Yona of the Dawn.

  • His plan had one problem though, every freaking monster girl now wants him to freaking impregnate her to carry his potent seed.