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Sejeong father kim Kim Se

Sejeong father kim Kim Se

The Uncanny Counter

Sejeong father kim KIM SEJEONG

Sejeong father kim Did Kim

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Sejeong father kim Kim Sejeong

Sejeong father kim ahn hyo

Somi has the best father in KPOP who not only appeared as a cameo in her MV but also took care of her during the whole filming time

Sejeong father kim Kim Sejeong

Sejeong father kim Fakta Kim

Sejeong father kim Ahn Hyo

Sejeong father kim Kim Se

Sadly, the girl group disbanded in December 2020 after two years of no group activities.

  • The emotional father tells him that Ha-ri has sacrificed numerous interests such as acting and singing for the sake of the family.

  • Unbeknownst to the quartet, their partner spirits in Yung face interrogation for the Counter's frequent rule-breaking.

Semenjak itulah Sejeong terus berhubungan dengan ayahnya.

  • After a near-fatal fall that caused his memory loss seven years ago, he joined the Counters after being possessed by Gi-ran, granting him superhuman strength and short-range psychometry.

  • She is currently studying practical music in Hanyang Women's University.