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Aphrodite phalaenopsis Phalaenopsis Aphrodite

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Aphrodite phalaenopsis Phalaenopsis Aphrodite

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Aphrodite phalaenopsis Phalaenopsis

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Aphrodite phalaenopsis Phalaenopsis Aphrodite

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Cold induction in transgenic Arabidopsis plants harboring PaCBF1 promoter::GUS A was consistent with PaCBF1 transcript levels in P.

  • The inflorescence is up to three feet long, arching, either simple or branched, green with purple mottling, bearing numerous to many flowers.

  • Unlike the two parents, this hybrid tends to form long, sterile inflorescences if the temperature difference between night and day is consistently too little.

Out of these three, the first one is the most widespread and most recognized subspecies of moon orchids.

  • The flowers are one and one-half inches across at most, the sepals and petals broad, pointed and white with purple in the middle, the lip three lobed, light purple with darker purple streaks and a bright yellow two-lobed crest spotted with red.

  • However, many first-time growers are surprised that they may have to repot their Phalaenopsis to have it continue doing well.