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The collapse of the Comecon revealed a desolate industrial and economic Eastern European land- scape - unwieldy structures operating inefficiently and creating large-scale abuse of the environment.

  • Mathieu is getting no rest.

  • He was cast into Stalin's prisons and ulti- mately forced to leave the country before the authorities! Our plan of action is only saying that die needs of women should oe addressed in consultation with them, not as a pre- scription to them and imposed upon them.

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  • They want the plan scrapped and a solution built around an chang e where the Muslim-led government would give up enclaves in eastern Bos- nia for territory to the north and west of Sarajevo.

  • Hank's son, Dayne, 22, was ob at a not seen Unde Ray in about six years, but when he saw a truck push- ing a mower with an elderly man astride, he immediately recognized kin.