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A simple music bot written using rewrite and youtube_dl. · GitHub

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12 Best Discord Music Bots You Can Use (2022)

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Discord music bot 12 Best


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How to Create a Music Bot Using

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How to Create a Music Bot Using

One thing that sets ErisBot from other Discord music bots is its command configuration capabilities.

  • One noteworthy Hydra bot feature is the option that lets server members vote to skip the current track.

  • If it can't, it will send it in the channel like normal.

What happened to Rhythm Bot? Adding a music bot in your Discord server is very simple and only takes a handful of moments to do.

  • The leveling system helps to enhance the sense of community through text and voice levels, while solid moderation commands are there to help make sure the atmosphere remains a friendly place to hang out.

  • For example, the music bot can generate memes, trivia, and more.