Klaus and caroline - Characters Klaus and Caroline Show Signs of an Abusive Relationship

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And caroline klaus Klaus and

And caroline klaus Klaus and

And caroline klaus Klaus&Caroline

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And caroline klaus Legacies Brings

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And caroline klaus Klaus and

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And caroline klaus Klaus and

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And caroline klaus The Vampire

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And caroline klaus Klaus and

Caroline asks how Klaus could do something like this to Tyler, to his mom, and to her.

  • For both Hope and Lizzie, the messages from their parents, however indirectly, bring their parents back just long enough to enable them to feel positively about the way they are currently living their lives.

  • Tyler relents and begs Klaus to save Caroline.

She responds to his blood, holding his forearm and hand as she drinks.

  • The top of the hilt reveals a key to a nautical map.

  • Tyler sighs and Klaus looks at Caroline.

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