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Sajadah surah as Surah As

Surah As Sajdah Summary

Sajadah surah as Surah As

Surat As Sajdah Arab, Latin & Terjemah Bahasa Indonesia

Sajadah surah as Surah 032


Sajadah surah as Surah Sajdah

Surah as

Sajadah surah as Surah As

Surah As

Sajadah surah as Surat As

Sajadah surah as Surah as


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Sajadah surah as Surat As

32. Surah As Sajdah

Obviously, they had got this concept from whatever had remained behind from the influence of the teaching of the Prophets.

  • Therefore, it is in yow own interest that you should follow the guidance which your God has sent through His Prophets and His Books for your instruction and desist from an independent way of life.

  • Before this the Book had been sent upon Moses also, which you all know.

From the details which have been mentioned at other places in the Quran, it becomes apparent that the chief angel of death has a whole staff of the angels under him, who perform a variety of duties in connection with causing the death, seizing the soul and taking it into custody.

  • They were also experiencing the highly miraculous literature being presented in the Book and, being the Arabic speaking people themselves, knew that all their literary men and poets were feeling utterly helpless in producing anything the like of it.

  • We have now seen and heard, so send us back to the world , we will do righteous good deeds.