Alice lovegood - Coralie Lovegood (Stdumont)

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Lovegood alice Alice Lovegood:

Lovegood alice Alice Lovegood

Twilight: The Main Characters & Their Harry Potter Counterpart

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Lovegood alice Alice LoveGood

Alice LoveGood

Lovegood alice Alice LoveGood

Based on the scene from the fifth novel The Order of the Phoenix, this shows Luna producing her Patronus charm.

  • Coralie in the Death Chamber Coralie participated in the battle that followed.

  • Alice and her husband , were also members of the original and fought against Voldemort and his during the.

Plus, they are jealous of the main female protagonist's love interest.

  • Unbeknownst to Lovegood, the Erumpent horn would explode if given even the slightest touch.

  • Alice gave birth to their only child, , on.