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Cultural impact of Shakira

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The Voice (American season 6)

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Shakira Episod 7

7 shakira episode Shakira

7 shakira episode Cultural impact

7 shakira episode Shakira Barrera

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7 shakira episode The Voice

The Voice (American season 6)

On 27 April 2014 Shakira was honored with the Hero Award at the for her Fundaci├│n Pies Descalzos work.

  • Published by the US , the journal Global Issues 2006 cited Shakira as an example of a celebrity "in today's " who "made it big by sharing the uniqueness of their talent and culture with the global community.

  • In addition to being considered the most influential Latin artist in Latin American culture.

While Grimmie 3 and 8 and Worthington 6, 7 and 9 had singles peaked into the top 10 at the close of the voting window, however, a technical glitch in the iTunes system caused all of the iTunes votes cast being invalidated, but net results were neither affected by it.

  • Unlike the first round of The Battles, each team will share the same advisor, frontman.

  • The top three finalists, , , and debuted their newest singles during the results show.