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Meaning arraignment Arraignment

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Meaning arraignment Arraignment Definitions

Criminal Arraignment: What to Expect

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Meaning arraignment Arraignment

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No matter the response you have, guilty, not guilty or no contest, the arraignment is basically just the outline of the case against you and after this you will have a few preliminary trials before the actual court date to decide when the judge or a jury will decide your fate.

  • If arrested, you will not be allowed to get a copy of this report.

  • Defendants are urged to consult with their attorney before waiving time.

The Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure provide that during the arraignment federal courts must read the indictment or information to the defendant or state the substance of the charge to the defendant and ask him or her to enter a plea thereto.

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  • If you are appointed an attorney, the court will then schedule a new appearance time for you to return with an attorney for your arraignment.