R naught - Contagion 2: The R Naught

Naught r Naught vs.

R nought: How is the R number calculated?

Naught r Track the

Naught r Basic reproduction

Naught r Understanding Predictions:

Naught vs. Nought

Naught r What is

What is COVID

Naught r Model How

One number can help explain why measles is so contagious

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Contagion 2: The R Naught

Naught r Maths in

Naught r How R

Naught r How R

Track the Coronavirus's R₀ in Your State

Her videos about dinosaurs, astrophysics, biodiversity and evolution appear in museums and science centers worldwide, earning awards such as the CINE Golden Eagle and the Communicator Award of Excellence.

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  • If the R val of a disease is less than 1 for all populations, the disease goes extinct.

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