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Last flight 4bia Lair Of

Last flight 4bia 4bia

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Film Review: 4bia (aka Phobia) (2008)

Last flight 4bia 4bia {Horror}

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4bia {Horror}

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Last flight 4bia 4bia (2008)

Trus nontonnya jangan sendirian sendirian lebih mantap sih takutnya step gak ada yang nolong.

  • This girl watched everyone die and saw the 3D-Animation of the mutilated Black Magic Boy who threatened her with this and that.

  • A scene from the past shows the prince receiving a text message from his girlfriend ending the relationship which causes him to commit suicide by walking in front of a taxi cab causing an accident, the same accident that was the cause of Pin's broken leg as she was inside the cab.

The translucent figure of a man zooms near and the next thing I know, she is flung out of her high-rise flat and plunges to her death.

  • She was rescued in time by arriving policemen who rejected her testimony and left her alone while they got her parents.

  • Even though Pink did not beat him, Ngid's soul decides not to spare her too because she had seen it all yet had not do anything to help him.

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