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Netflix reveals cast for its live

Live sokka Avatar: Last

Actor cast to play Sokka in Netflix's ATLA live action, Ian Ousley, is allegedly white

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Live sokka Netflix Live

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Live sokka Avatar: Last

She tells harsh truths to her family and friends, is protective of her friends and of her power.

  • Zhou was annoying, Iroh had no jolly, old-man qualities, and Fire Lord Ozai? The only thing I can say I thought was a nice addition was Zuko's mentioning that his father said he was "like his mother.

  • We'll just offer help when it's asked of us, and if it's not, we'll stay out of the way.

Goi, Liang and Jabbar Raisani are directors.

  • The announced cast will feature a set of fresh faces led by the young actor Gordon Cormier as Aang, as well as other renowned actors in Hollywood.

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