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Despite gusty winds Dave Nelson managed to shoot a 71 par for the course Round- ing out the Harper total were Splelman 77 , GroessI 78 and Fitton 82 Bechtold had nothing but praise tor his players and is optimistic about their upcoming matches against Joliet at Jo- liet and Rock Valley at home this Wednesday and Thursday Joliet has a very tough course and Bechtold said "I'm hoping for about a 310 ' He also point- ed out that "Jollet has lost all of last year's players and this is a recruiting year for them Intramurals await students Harper students are not as actively Involved in the fall Imramuml sports program as they could be.

  • Even doing nothing has an effect: sometimes a political party wins an election because not enough people who disagreed with it bothered to vote.

  • This mantra is in Sanskrit, another ancient Indian language.

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